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On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 10:10 AM Nikolas Pediaditis <npediaditi at ripe.net>

> Dear colleagues,
> A few months ago the RIPE NCC became the first RIR to receive an
> additional /12 IPv6 allocation (2a10::/12) from IANA.
> We will soon begin to delegate space from this IPv6 block to LIRs. Prior
> to this, in order to improve routability and minimise the risk of
> filtering, the RIPE NCC will perform several de-bogonising activities in
> the next few weeks.
> We plan to start announcing the full /12, as well as a few /32 or longer
> blocks out of 2a10::/12 from AS12654 (RIPE Routing Information System
> (RIS)), within the next few days. We will analyse data from RIS and RIPE
> Atlas and we plan to write up an analysis around this effort.
> We want to remind everybody to update their bogon filters and allow routes
> originating from 2a10::/12 in their network.
> Kind regards,
> Nikolas Pediaditis
> Registration Services and Policy Development Manager
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