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Sergey Myasoedov sm at netartgroup.com
Mon Apr 10 11:41:08 CEST 2017

Dear ENOG community,

We received a message that RIPE NCC is changing their engagement in ENOG meetings support, so we (Programme Committee) feel the need to share the latest information with you, the ENOG community.

During the recent PC call we requested that RIPE NCC should discuss the ENOG meetings and its outcome with the community, but noone has sent the mail to the community. So I will do this.

Please direct all comments and suggestions back to RIPE NCC staff and please cc: this ENOG mailing list for transparency purposes.

Best regards,
Sergey Myasoedov

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> Subject: [ENOG PC] ENOG/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in 2018
> Date: 4 Apr 2017 11:27:44 CEST
> To: ENOG Programme Committee <pc at enog.org>
> Dear Colleagues,
> After serious consideration and discussion with some of you and other community members, the RIPE NCC has decided to adjust its direct support of ENOG meetings. Starting in 2018, the RIPE NCC will co-organise one ENOG meeting per year.
> After twelve ENOG Meetings we feel that ENOG has not really pulled together Eastern European and Central Asian technical communities in a way that was envisaged. ENOG meetings work very well in Russia, in Moscow and St. Petersburg in particular and also in the Ukraine. It appears that ENOG meetings are not pulling together a sufficient number of community members from the various countries at each meeting. ENOG meetings held outside of Russia or the Ukraine are populated by individuals from the host country and a handful of members from the Russian community.
> The response from the RIPE NCC member survey has called for more localised engagement across its service region. It is not purely a question of the amount of resources but more a question of how we deploy them to benefit the membership and local community with the greatest coverage. A re-allocation of resources will allow the RIPE NCC to increase its efforts in focused outreach across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. RIPE NCC staff and financial resources will be directed towards diverse activities such as member lunches, training courses or country-focused meetings with local content tailored to those specific communities. At this time, this formula of engagement has proven to be successful.
> The RIPE NCC will continue to work closely with the community to guarantee the on going success of the ENOG meetings. We believe that with one larger-scale ENOG meeting a year and a distribution of other outreach and community activities we will be able to reach more technical community members and individuals that would otherwise not have an opportunity to come together and interact with each other and the RIPE NCC.
> I will be joining the ENOG PC call later today and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel welcome to contact me about this or any other RIPE NCC outreach activity. I look forward to working with you all to hold a successful ENOG meeting in St. Petersburg.
> Kind Regards,
> Paul Rendek
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