[ENOG discuss] Introduction letter

mburtikov mburtikov at ripe.net
Thu Jan 9 09:38:42 CET 2014

Dear colleagues,

My name is Maxim Burtikov and I would like to introduce myself to you 

I have recently been hired as the RIPE NCC's External Relations Officer 
with special responsibility for the ENOG region. This is the first time 
the RIPE NCC has hired someone specifically to work in the ENOG region, 
so I am very pleased to given the opportunity to represent the 
community's interests.

My responsibilities will involve managing Internet governance issues in 
the region, establishing relations with government representatives and 
representing the interests of the Internet community and RIPE NCC 
members to governments and law enforcement. I will also help with 
preparations for ENOG Meetings in Russia and Ukraine as well as other 
meetings and events throughout the region.

I will mainly be based in Moscow, where I will organise an office and 
place where I can meet with members of the community.

This new position is the first step in the RIPE NCC's increased external 
relations efforts in the ENOG region. There are plans to hire a second 
external relations team member who will be focused on more technical 
issues. That position will be announced publicly and the advertisement 
will be sent to the ENOG mailing list.

I would like you to know that I am available to talk about any Internet 
governance-related issues or suggestions you might have. You can contact 
me at this email address or by phone at +7-903-960-11-70.

I will also attend the ENOG 7/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Moscow from 
26-27 May 2014 (http://www.enog.org/meetings/enog-7/). I hope to meet 
many of you there!

I look forward to working with you and to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes for the new 2014 year,
Maxim Burtikov
External Relations Officer

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