[ENOG discuss] HA: Import restrictions into Russia

Aleksandr B Stadnikov AStadnikov at beeline.ru
Mon Jul 23 13:19:58 CEST 2012

Hi, Wolfgang!

There are many of M7, EX'ses and other Juniper and IBM devices in our
company. And also You can find a lot of distributors of Juniper (
http://www.juniper.net/ru/ru/partners/distributor/ ) and IBM (
http://www.ibm.com/ru/partners/dist/ )  in Russia. The better way to buy
equipment here....

With best regards,
Alexander Stadnikov

MPLS group senior engineer,
OJSC «Vimpelcom»
phone: (495) 787 1000
             ext: 552-97

От:	Wolfgang Nagele <wolfgang.nagele at ausregistry.com.au>
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Дата:	23.07.2012 09:24
Тема:	[ENOG discuss] Import restrictions into Russia


I am currently looking into potential import restrictions for some
equipment we need to use in our co-location in Moscow.

Namely those are:
1x Juniper M7i router
1x Juniper EX2200 switch
3x IBM x3550 M4 servers

Anybody have experience with this, I've heard stories that suggest that
imports would be a problem. What is needed to smooth the process to import
such equipment? Would it be better to source this equipment locally?

Wolfgang[вложение "signature.asc" удалено Aleksandr B Stadnikov/BeeLine]
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